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Everything Shameless. not the USA bullsh*t!
Happy Valentines Fuckers!!!!

Happy Valentines Fuckers!!!!

Anonymous asked: Do you know any tumblr or other sites that have made Shameless (UK) gifs? There's been loads of episodes but I haven't seen many gifs at all.

None that I am aware of - but have you tried searching “Shameless UK gif” in the search bar?
If I come across any specifically I’ll be happy to post them

Shameless UK 

So now we’re back, get in touch and let us know what you want to see posted from Shameless UK… but please none of that US bullsh*t! 

Anything from pictures to quotes to episode clips. 

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Shameless UK vs US


Frank Gallagher UK (David Threlfall)

Frank Gallagher US (William H. Macy)

Carl Gallagher UK (Elliott Tittensor)

Carl Gallagher US (Ethan Cutkosky)

Ian Gallagher UK (Gerard Kearns)


Ian Gallagher US (Cameron Monaghan)


Debbie Gallagher UK (

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